Chocolate for Vampires

Frequently Asked Questions (may have a tad bit of creative licence)

Q: Who is Zob's mother?
A: A really unlucky person.

Q: Is it just me, or does the skull on Vlad's hat change expressions? Why?
A: Yeah it does. To be honest, it started out as an inside joke, and because I didn't feel like drawing the same skull over and over. But the skull seems to almost be developing a seperate personality, so you never know...

Q: Why's it called Chocolate for Vampires?
A: 1) They're vampires and the title is funny, 2) On a spanish test I couldn't remember the word for "neck" so I wrote "chocolate por los vampiros". My spanish teacher was unamused.

Q: Where did you get the idea?
A: A certain conversation on whether it was pirate-zombies or zombie-pirates which drew my attention to cross-breeds. Another certain converation on vampires along with the whole Pirate vs Ninja debate resulted in me designing Vlad, Zob and Xin.

Q: What does Xin mean?
A: I have no idea. I just thought it sounded fitting.

Q: Where'd you get the name Zob from?
A: Zombie + Bob = Zob. Plus it's funny to say.

Q: Why's Vlad a Captain if he sails a raft?
A: A vampire can dream can't he? It's also a homage to Captain Jack Sparrow in the original Pirates of the Carribean, where for most of the movie Jack wasn't really much of a Captain. But originally Reina was supposed to be his ship, but you'll soon see why it isn't...

Q: I noticed that so-and-so had something or other in the beginning, but not now... what happened?
A: So I fail at consistancy. *runs off*

Q: Wtf?
A: Chocolate, not fudge, chocolate.

Q: Is this one of them Shonen-ai or boys love or whatever?
A: Xin is gay, Vlad is straight (although he was originally bisexual), and Zob... well, Zob is currently without any sexual orientation at all. He views everything as either "friends", "not friends" or "food". I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a parody of pop-culture, manga, and various fandoms. If it has shonen-ai tendancies it's probably making fun at them. Still have problems with the gay levels? Shut up and go away.

Q: Are Xin, Zob, and Captain Vlad the only children of Damien?
A: Currently. I fully intend to go on for as long as possible with this (I gave myself a hundred years, seriously), so in those sorts of things it's like western comics. Seriously, Peter Rasputin's ashes were spread across Russia, Superman "died" and got a clone (Superboy) and there's been three different Robins. ...But I think having more than the three would ruin the "trio"...

Q: Does Xin hate everybody?
A: Some people more than others.

Q: Can't you make Xin straight so I can have him?
A: Haha, sorry dearie, but Xin's been gay since his original conception. Besides, contrary to popular wishful thinking, he is in fact a character in a webcomic.

Q: Vlad's cute, but why's he angry all the time?
A: Unlike the other characters, I think Vlad is more aware of the stupidity of the comic, but unlike Xin he can't just hate everybody.

Q: You never seem to answer questions about Zob very well. What's with him anyway?
A: Zob's either extremely mysterious or stupidly simple. Which is which, I wonder?

Q: In the beginning of the comic, you had people from our era talking about his clothes, but Flynn and crew are real pirates, and the Harvest disected an acual nazi... what time period is it anyway?
A: That question is answered in "the World of Chocolate for Vampires", but the short answer is: It's whatever time period I want it to be.

Q: Why is there a mouse on Lillith's shoulder?
A: Long story. Might be explained later in the comic unless I forget.