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Okay! Whoo!

I can't wait for PotC2, it's gonna be awesome... err.. *koffkoff* anyway...

This new layout thing is awesome, but I want to change it from Orange to red. Le sigh.

I made an advertisement on the forums, and here's the description:

It's about three vampires: Captain Vlad, a Vampire-Pirate, with a little bit of a temper, Xin, a Ninja-Vampire, who hates everybody, and Zob, a Zombie-Vampire, who likes Brains. They have ridiculously absurd adventures, it is completely not anything accurate, and is liable to overturning certain laws of physics. There will also eventually be other characters that pop up, and a preview list is: the Vampire Fanboy, Death, Mom the Mummy, and Damien, their father.

So, if you like Vampires, pirates, ninjas, zombies, fanboys, dead people, mummies, completely bizarre family relations, and brains, head on over.

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