Chocolate for Vampires

The World of Chocolate for Vampires Note that it will never really be explained in the comic itself.

Ten Things you need to know:
1) It's like an alternate universe.
2) The era of time of which the comic takes place changes depending where they are. Similarly, it will change depending on the plot, and even if they go to the same place twice, it might be set in a different time.
3) Certain laws of physics, nature, and logic will absolutely fail, I wouldn't worry about it to much, it won't be really extreme, and if you want extreme, read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
4) All characters were created by me.
5) Here is a list of races and species that are seen in this alternate universe that you don't (usually) see in reality (Please note that this is subject to change whenever I feel like it) : Vampires, zombies, mummies, dragons, unicorns, faeries, demons, angels, werewolves, goblins, muggles, witches, various gods and mythological creatures, giant animals, talking animals, and sushi-eating scoundrels.
6) Most of the characters have some sort of "Bag of Holding" type thing, so don't be surprised when they randomly pull something out.
7) England will never, ever be in the same time period twice.
8) They will occasionally make pop-culture or historical references, but the fourth wall in this comic is virtually non-existant anyway, so what does it matter anyway.
9) This list was made after watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so don't take anything as the truth.
10) As far as this comic is concerned, there -is- life on other planets.

Ten things you need to know about Vampires
1)Half vampires (like our heroes) have a lot in common with full vampires, except they're free to take jobs, walk in the sunlight, and they're not as sensitive to things like crosses, holy-water, etc.
2)There are several ways to kill vampires, more so for half-vampires, but chances are we'll never see any.
3)Vampires don't only get burned by crosses, but any other religious symbol, particularly the ones that are anti-demon.
4)Vampires drink blood because they have none of their own, and drinking it briefly restores thier blood. They don't eat or drink anything else, emphasis on the word -need-.
5)Contrary to popular belief, they are all not gay, nor are they all straight or bisexual. They're like us, kay?
6)In order to become a vampire, the victim either needs a strong emotional attachment to the vampire, or have kissed the vampire. Generally if the vampire drinks only for nessesity, the victim doesn't become a vampire.
7)However, the more a vampire likes or is sexually attracted to a mortal, the more likely to suck their blood.
8)Since vampires are fictional, I've taken several artistic liberties with the way they work, so don't argue with me about the way vampires are because I'll just say -my- vampires are different.
9)Half vampires and vampires that are the children of vampires age until they're approximately around 15-20ish. Bitten vampires don't age at all.
10)They're immortal, as in they don't age or succumb to disease (unless it's funny, like scurrvy), but can be killed.

Ten things you need to know about Pirates
Coming soon.

Ten Things you need to know about Zombies
Coming soon.

Ten Things you need to know about Ninjas
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